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A sun-dappled path winds its way through the woods


On the surface, you have everything under control - yet you carry an iceberg's worth of emotion underneath.

It's difficult to give space to your feelings and thoughts, or to communicate them to others.

Pleasure and play aren't really part of your regular schedule.

Your boundaries are either nonexistent, or super rigid.

You don't like to "burden" other people with your needs.

You're stuck in unhelpful patterns, but change feels threatening.

Your life is filled with "shoulds," rules, and high expectations.

You are often your own worst critic.

You feel stuck in your life, even though you're doing everything you're "supposed to."

You feel lonely, and you long to be seen - but the vulnerability that would require seems impossible.


I serve adults of all ages and identities, and these are some common themes in my work.

I can help you understand yourself and your experiences, get out of your comfort zone,

and grow.

NOT currently accepting clients.

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