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Camp Fire at Night


Does this sound like you? 

You're a licensed therapist (or are in the process of licensure).

You already have a private practice, or you would like to.

You have a passion for a particular subject or therapeutic approach.

You value giving and receiving feedback, and consulting with other therapists.

You have developed a unique niche, or you would like help honing one.

You are committed to providing a culturally responsive and affirming space for clients and peers.

You enjoy having challenging conversations, being vulnerable, and doing hard things so you can grow.

You practice humility in your work, and you are delighted to admit that you don't know everything.

You have an open and curious mind. You love to learn.

You want to make friends with other therapists.

Rest and play are vital to your self-care.

Then hey, I like you already. 


I'm Inness Pryor (it rhymes with "Guinness," if you're wondering). I've been in the counseling field since 2017. With the support of supervision group The Launch, I opened my private practice in 2021, at which point I became immediately aware of the importance of having a community of peers, both to strengthen my work as a counselor, and to enrich my professional and private life. I began my practice with a vision - that one day, I would foster a community (a coven, if you will) of independent mental health professionals, united in one space - one "collective" - to better serve our clients, our communities, and each other.

Running one's own practice can be a deeply rewarding experience, and sometimes it can feel lonely or overwhelming. If you enjoy the freedom of having your own business, but there are aspects of agency and group practice work that you miss - such as having built-in consultation opportunities, a referral system, or simply a group of like-minded peers with whom to chat over coffee - I encourage you to join Coven Therapeutic Collective!

In my vision, the therapists in our collective come from a variety of backgrounds; each of us has a different lens through which we see the world. Our strengths are in our differences, as much as our similarities. Among the perspectives that we share is a commitment to social justice and to anti-racist therapy practices. In our collective, we engage in challenging and vital conversations with our peers on a regular basis. We exchange resources and referrals. We attend trainings and conferences together, or host special (paid) guests to share their expertise. We practice self-care by sharing stories and laughter. We develop relationships with fellow colleagues. We make friends.

And in doing so, we also happen to kick ass at our jobs - which means we serve our clients as well as possible.

The Collective is still in development, and I invite you to be part of its creation.

In your wildest dreams, what kind of community would you want to belong to?

There is no cost to join the Collective, beyond a minimal monthly fee if you wish to have a presence on this site.

I'm truly excited to welcome you into our coven. I hope it'll be a great fit for you as you continue to nourish your professional practice. If you're interested in building this collective with me, please reach out!

As the Collective continues to develop, you can join our book club! The goal is to meet monthly. Books are voted on by members.

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